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Learn More About Chronic Back Pain.

Pain is a painful emotional and sensory experience associated with potential or actual damage to tissue or nerves. Lower back pain is considered chronic if it has remained now for more than 3 months. This chronic pain in the lower back can be caused by injuries, illnesses, or stress from various body structures.

The type of pain can vary considerably also can appear as bone or joint pain or even muscle pain. The feeling of pain can also change. For example, the pain may be a pain, burning, throbbing, or tingling, sharp or faded, defined, or mysterious. The intensity can vary from easy to severe.

The source of the pain is often unknown or not explicitly identifiable. Indeed, in many cases, the condition or injury that caused the pain can be fully recovered and not detected, but it still disturbs the patient. Even if the original cause of the pain has been treated or is uncertain, the pain the patient is experiencing is real, and the attending physician knows this.

Chronic lower back pain can be the result of many different conditions. Diseases, injuries, or stress can cause many different anatomical structures. The affected construction sends the signal within the courage endings to the spinal cord also brain, where it is registered as pain.

Various theories have been developed to explain chronic pain, but the exact mechanism is not fully understood. It is generally believed which the nerve pathways which transmit pain signal from nerve endings through the spinal cord to that brain can be sensitive.

Awareness of these pathways can increase the frequency or intensity of pain. The motivation that is not usually painful, such as a slight touch, can be intensified or stimulated with these delicate paths and pain.

Sometimes physical pathways continue to send signals to the brain after the original injury or disease has recovered. These signs appear completely real and sometimes worse than the joint pain caused by damage to the innovative disease process.

Imagine an old TV or computer screen that continually shows the same image. This image was finally engraved on the screen. Even when the screen is off, the image remains visible on the screen. Likewise, patients with chronic pain may continue to feel joint pain as soon as the source of the pain has healed or is no longer there. While this is an oversimplification of what can happen in chronic pain, it clarifies the current understanding of this condition.

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